Paisley Paper
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Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality is alive and well in the heart of Greenville
on Augusta Road!

Just a few blocks from downtown, PAISLEY & PAPER is located in the Augusta Village Shopping Center with the Augusta Grill, Vino and vanGogh, Le Grand Bakery and Vestiti…with ample parking and convenient hours.

In a continually evolving age of technology and media, there is still a rush of warmth, comfort and happiness that comes when receiving a hand written note.  We’ve all experienced the unique sensation of holding a gift or a card that a friend or loved one spent time to carefully select.  It could be a celebratory present, some fun and thematic napkins for an upcoming social gathering or just a note to say, “I love you!”.  The meaning and value behind that hand chosen courtesy is priceless.

So, we’re here for you.  Enjoy browsing the site, and please come visit us at our store.  Hospitality is our business, and we thoroughly enjoy helping you express your kindness, love and generosity for the people you are closest to in your life.